Monitrice, Leogane

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Monitrice, Leogane

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Identified as natural born leaders within their communities, Monitrices are called to:



The Monitrice plays a leading role in the fight against malnutrition. Children dealing with chronic malnourishment may struggle to develop and grow as they should. This can have a long lasting affect on their ability to work and support their family in the future. Lack of adequate income means that families are often faced with toxic levels of stress and trauma and food that has very little nutritious value. A Monitrice is taught how to identify the cycle of malnourishment within a family or community. She is then able to break its hold on the children in the region under her care.


The Monitrice provides clarity and best practices when dealing with sick children. Haiti has the highest maternal mortality rate in the western hemisphere at 350 deaths per 100,000 births. Many of these children simply die because their parents did not have access to basic medicine, newborn or prenatal care. Often these parents will fall back on antiquated health practices that have little to no effect on the child’s struggle. The Monitrices educate families on what methods and medicines are helpful for the care of their children.


The Monitrice is a leader within her community. Community empowerment is the process of enabling people to increase control over their lives, make decisions for themselves, and become more sustainable. Monitrices encourage critical thinking, as well as discussion and debate on health and other issues that affect the communities under their care. This helps individuals to understand the various influences affecting their lives and act together to make informed decisions and mobilize resources for the general good of their community.  


“On average she covers 10 miles a day”

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Support the work of Monitrices in Haiti


She Saves the World supports the work of Monitrices—women chosen from their communities to teach and aid new mothers and their children on the path to health and wellness.


She Saves the World is an initiative of the Children's Nutrition Program of Haiti, a registered 501c3 nonprofit.


Monitrice, Leogane